Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Monkey Boy Creates Yet Another Mess...

My son loves his bath time. It is a nightly routine right before bedtime. I still bath him in my kitchen sink, mainly because he still fits and it is so much easier than putting him in the bath tub. Recently he has been grabbing anything he can get while he is bathing in the sink. Before bath time I move all the dishes out of the drainer and move anything on the cabinets. I thought we were good to go..Wrong!!

I had my son in the sink with the water running and he was playing with a cup. I turned around to get his towel off of the kitchen table, by the time I turned back around he had grabbed the faucet and pushed it behind the sink. Water was flowing all over my kitchen cabinets then it started flooding the floor before I could get to it and shut it off!

So I couldn't even clean the mess up till I finished bathing the baby and got him dressed for the night. By the time I got done with the baby water is spreading all over the kitchen floor and heading for my hallway. Needless to say it consumed most of my evening trying to cleanup this mess. But that is the joy of being a mommy, you learn very quickly what they can do in 2.2 seconds of unsupervised bath time!!!

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