Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is What Sleep Deprivation Causes...

I hate when we have to set our clocks up an hour every spring. I am lucky to average 5 hours of sleep a night as it is and now I have to lose another hour! When I woke up Sunday morning I was so sleepy. My son stayed awake about 3 hours and was ready for a morning nap. I was so happy, I could take a nap to!

I was so sleepy but I had to change his diaper before he took a nap, and it was one of those nasty dirty diapers that took 20 minutes to change. So after I cleaned up the mess I threw away his diaper and grabbed him a bottle. He fell right asleep and I went to the bedroom and had just laid my head down when he started crying.

Great, I didn't even get to lay down! So I go to get him out of his bed. I picked him up and he was soaked and so were all of his blankets. I could not figure out how he had peed so much in 15 minutes?? I laid him down to change his clothes. I lifted up his shirt and he had no diaper on! I looked around for it thinking he had took it off or something. But I finally figured out I was so tired I forgot to put a diaper on him!

So instead of having a nice quiet nap I ended up washing laundry all day and cleaning up a mess that was my fault. This may have been the dumbest thing I have ever done : ) I hate Daylight Savings Time LOL : )

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