Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Battle of Dog and Boy

Yet another day of chaos in the house. It seems that our beloved dog Angel (pictured on right) has figured out that the baby bottles contain some sort of food. She has proceeded to eat at least 3 nipples off of the bottles in the last 5 hours! And now the baby realizes if he reaches her food she will come to him.

Of course the baby does not understand that he can not feed the dog, and the dog doesn't understand that it is wrong to take food from the baby. So what to do?
I try to keep them separated but that is near impossible and not fair to either one of them. Sometimes I feel like I am watching two babies!

Last night was fun, I am functioning on 3 hours of sleep right now. It seems the baby is having another bout with cutting teeth. This may not work for everyone, but I have found that rubbing his gums with a cold wet rag helps him greatly. And I give him half a dose of baby Tylenol to help with the pain. I can only hope he pops out the rest of these teeth soon.

Looks like my husband does not have to work this weekend, which means we have a huge shopping day planned for Saturday. That should be fun, dragging a baby around town all day! Stay tuned to see what kind of chaos that creates!

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